This site is meant to be a publically editable and curated collection of Perl tutorials. It is based on Ikiwiki and uses Git as backend, with the wiki data in fact being stored on Github itself. This means that to edit the wiki you can use either the web interfaces, or fork the data repo and send pull requests on github.

The wiki has two main repositories:

Setup process:

  1. clone git repo
  2. follow instructions here:
  3. create a user called perltuthub, then su to it and cd ~
  4. setup .ssh dir
  5. git clone .
  6. git clone PerlTutorialHub
  7. ikiwiki -setup ~/PerlTutorialHub.setup
  8. point web server at public_html/PerlTutorialHub
  9. set up empty cgi handler to execute ikiwiki.cgi ELF file


  1. the domainname is owned by tinita (see the whois entry)
  2. the server is a linode instance owned by Mithaldu, which is used for a variety of smaller online services as well