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removing twitter count stuff
removing twitter count stuff
removing twitter count stuff
removing twitter count stuff
remove debug code
debug js twitter counter
try and force a push to git
testing a different twitter counter and removed google button code
trying to get front page regenerated
testing a different twitter counter and removed google button code
Geekuni updated to more recent perl is now pointing to Perldoc Browser
it's 2020
Update for 2019
update MVP date, perlintro link, is not updated reliably anymore
Updated link to perlootut
Update current perl version
use KiwiIRC for contact page irc link
use KiwiIRC for sidebar IRC link
update date
and another small bump to cause a synch
minimal change to try and cause a synch
year bumped
Add Minimum Viable Perl
add editions to books
bump modern perl
bump some dates
bump perl version ;)
emphasize "not" in "should not be used by newcomers to learn Perl."
Update last-updated date for learnxinyminutes tutorial
Add learnxinyminutes tutorial
5.24 is released
Bump perl version to 5.22
extending the about section with some info on who owns what
add separate video course; update date
Bump year, add note about modules which import strict
Update dates
bump date and version
make sure backticks appear
added tutorial from
another two articles
modern perl updated
learnhowtoprogramperl needs a real editor to go over it to fix typos, and the code needs to be formatted sanely and oldisms removed
14-03-18@16:28:35 (@perigrin) because Moose doesn't support anything before 5.8
new version of rjbs' Moose talk
use an older link for Beginning Perl preview, since the newer one already has some "not participating" pages
update data on japanese tutorial
merge the entries for Learn Perl in about 2 hours 30 minutes
review of why learning perl 6th is not recommended
added a link to the page that will review learning perl 6th edition
fix a unicode char
made display of multiple types in a tutorial take up less space
cleaned away some unintended noise
changed the title of the new japanese tutorial to proper kanji
added a japanese perl tutorial
added a japanese perl tutorial
try to restrict width of the lang column
replaced dead link to web copy of beginning perl with link to
clarify previous comment
Mention the removal of from the Perl core
bump current perl version
force width of lang column
adding languages
changed date
site moved
should be Ikiwiki not IkiWiki
yaml strings may not contain ':'
added rjbs' Moose talk
normalized the entry for the rejected spanish tutorial
added the date of the rejection of programming perl
reviewed and rejected tutorialspoint
#perl-tutorial is not in use anymore, we just stick to #perl-faq (thanks rjc)
fixed typo: a quality -> the quality